Selasa, 22 Maret 2011

Speaking 4 (most complex experience in my life)

The most complex experiences in my life was when I was in high

school, when I was a teenager. While that will never forget in my

mind,when I shared with my classmates. Sperma (Smalam family

first IPA) was the name for my class. third grade school when we

got the assignment to research observations to several places in

Lampung in order to complete the requirements for the final

exam. The day was a busy day in front of the eyes, every day

doing it. the learning process lasts from morning until the

afternoon, feeling tired every day lodged in our bodies.

Before the final exam, we got a duty to make reports about

research in the media of information, we conducted research into

some of the editors of the mass media. Lampung Post became the

first object of our study, there we were given information about

news-making process, preparation of news to the use of

newspaper printing machine. After the print media, we also went

on a visit to the electronic media that some local radio studios in

the metro city. SSB radio of metro became the first place we

visited in addition to the Ramayana metro. In the radio studio, we

were introduced to various tools that play a role emit a radio

broadcast. in addition we also provided information on creating a

scrib broadcasts, reading news ways, and see first hand the

process of broadcasting in the studio. it made us motivated to

work in a medium of information. after the SSB radio metro radio

we had a visit to the metro Ramayana, there we were given a lot

of knowledge about the broadcasting technique.

Earlier I think the research is difficult and complicated, but

after we did it with enthusiasm and curiosity then everything

went smoothly. After the research process, we were given the

task to make a written report on the visit that we were done, it is

enough to drain energy and our brains. after two months with the

patience to do it finally we are able to finish it, turned out to

make a report of a study that has its own procedures. We get a

lot of experience from this research activity. This is the most

complex experiences in my life.

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