Minggu, 16 Oktober 2011

Translation II (Ocktober 17th 2011)

I am here, while you are sleeping. Actually I want to wake you up, but I don't have any heart. It seems that you sleep so soundly. Therefore I make this memo. I mean I want to ask you about the english task yesterday when I was absent. Hmmm, but I think it’s better to call me up via public telephone near your house because if it’s written here it’s too long while I need to talk a lot. So once again please just call me between 5-6 or around magrib because I am usually at home. But if it’s after magrib usually I go out for a while to look for food or if it’s not, you can just call me up rather late in the evening, but don’t be too late. If it’s after ten I’ll have already been asleep. Besides, if it’s too late I will not have time to do the task. Ok, thank you very much .

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