Senin, 23 April 2012

Today was awful day

Thanks God, today you have made me as a person who got a mountain of golden. Wooow, English for Children made me perform as a little mouse. When I have tried to do it at home a night before, I could try to look at my face at mirror, it was so strange. over all, I really happy when I could do the best what could I do. Became the first performer in the class, with a short story about "the vain little mouse". In this story, I have to disguise my voice as a sheep, a pig, a cat, a mouse, and narator. The story was so short but meaningful. I sang a short song, it was covering of Sean Kingston's song (Beautiful). I Changed the content of liric. I downloaded many orchestra song a day before as backsound of the story, and Wuri could help me to play the song. I gave many gifts for many students who could answer my questions (ema, lelly and mahya), I made a funny bag with many snack over there.

The other performers are brother Ady Mifarizki, Novia Ranti, Eka Novita Sari, Emma Apriana Sari, and Agus tian Reonitama. They were briliant teachers, They could do what the people though couldn't do. Brother kiki was amazing performer, he brought pupett doll in his hand and we learned vocabulary. Miss Novia was creative teacher, she made a wishper game to teach Vocabulary. I still remember one dialogue of eka's story, "run again, run again, run again" it was so funny. Ema could made the class look like as children garden when she played her game, puzzzlllleeeee. Tian hypnotyze the class with his song, that was the theme song of doraemon cartoon movie.

After we have done what we planed before, mr.dedi ask us for reading his coment in front of the class about our performance. this is his coment:

Abidin    Teyl / EFC / 23-4-2012

You have a good technique in storytelling.
Your mime, gesture, tone, and properties are amazing.
You can disguise your voice for defferent characters.
In the real class, you might want to slow down your intonation.

Dedi Irwansyah.

Over all, I would like to say thanks for Monica for your story, Herning for your cat doll, my sister Anita for your pig doll, Wuri for your sheep doll and many properties. Today I got unforgettable day.

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